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Jake and Maddie

Natural Wooden Handmade Knife - Jake & Maddie Wooden Knife

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Jake & Maddie Wooden Utensils - fully biodegradable, completely sustainable and 100% vegan. 

Jake & Maddie's Coconut Bowls, Wooden Utensils and full product range of sustainable homeware, kitchenalia & crockery items, are sourced, produced and designed using 100% natural materials and ingredients, ensuring our full range of products are fully biodegradable, completely sustainable and 100% vegan. Jake & Maddie’s wooden utensil collection, consists of the following: Wooden Fork, Wooden Spoon, Wooden Knife & Wooden Chopstick Pair.

Why choose Jake & Maddie products as an alternative?

The materials that are used to create our Coconut Bowls, Wooden Utensils, kitchenalia and crockery items, were initially discarded as waste. Jake & Maddie discovered that by finding a use for the materials, it was a way of preventing the pollution and reducing our planets overall Carbon Footprint that was being created when burning the coconut shells and wood, which in turn, emitted methane gas into our atmosphere. As the Jake & Maddie brand only creates and sells products which are produced from natural or recycled materials, while being fully biodegradable and completely sustainable, this eliminates the use of plastic and single use/throwaway plastic.

Jake & Maddie believe in Fair Trade .
The creation of the Jake & Maddie brand, created a fair trade economy and provided livelihoods for the craftsmen & women throughout the region, which the Jake & Maddie brand is extremely proud to support.

Create a natural environment with Jake & Maddie's Wooden Utensils.

Jake & Maddie’s Wooden Utensils are developed to the highest possible standard, ensuring a solid finish which allows them to be reused time and time again. This demonstrate just how sustainable Jake & Maddie products are.

What Wood is used to produce Jake & Maddie's Wooden Utensils?
The wood used to produce Jake & Maddie's wooden utensils can vary, depending on the wood that is readily and naturally available. The dark colour is then achieved by using natural vegetable oil, almost marinating the utensils, which in turn, perfectly match our Coconut Bowls.

Jake & Maddie's Vision. 

Jake & Maddie’s vision is to create to a living and dining space that is not only kind to our environment, but creates a natural ambiance and an aesthetically pleasing setting. Each item in the Jake & Maddie collection comprises a luxurious, hand crafted and hand painted finish by professional artisans. This provides unique and alternative ways to dine and consume food and drink, looking beyond the norm.

  • Al Fresco Dining- Jake & Maddie’s creations bring al fresco dining to life. We expand further on the al fresco concept, with an atmosphere that breathes freedom.
  • Gifting - Give a gift that will be treated with care, while knowing your choice has had a positive effect on the worlds environment.
  • Spa - Fulfilling the relaxing and tranquil environment that is conveyed within spa surroundings, Jake & Maddie’s natural products further enhance a sense of well-being.
  • Home Dining - Purposefully created to bring joy into your home, Jake & Maddie’s bold and colourful designs make for a unique dining experience, that can be enjoyed by all generations.
  • Travel & Outdoor Living - Purposefully creating your own sustainable lifestyle is achieved effortlessly with Jake & Maddie’s range of wooden utensils and bamboo straws, all conveniently housed in our cotton pouch.

As Jake & Maddie’s product range is made from natural materials, including wood, we advise to hand wash only using warm water and a small amount of washing up liquid. Dishwasher and microwave use is not advised.

Please do feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about the Jake & Maddie brand or any of our products and one of our (eco) friendly team will be happy to help. Click to contact Jake & Maddie

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