Jake & Maddie’s Vision

Jake & Maddie’s vision is to create to a living and dining space that is not only kind to our environment but creates a natural ambiance and an aesthetically pleasing setting. Each item in the Jake & Maddie collection comprises a luxurious, hand crafted and hand painted finish by professional artisans. This provides unique and alternative ways to dine and consume food and drink, looking beyond the norm.

Al Fresco Dining

Jake & Maddie’s creations bring al fresco dining to life. We expand further on the al fresco concept, with an atmosphere that breathes freedom.


Give a gift that will be treated with care, while knowing your choice has had a positive effect on the worlds environment.


Fulfilling the relaxing and tranquil environment that is conveyed within spa surroundings, Jake & Maddie’s natural products further enhance a sense of well-being.

Home Dining

Purposefully created to bring joy into your home, Jake & Maddie’s bold and colourful designs make for a unique dining experience, that can be enjoyed by all generations.

Travel & Outdoor Living

Purposefully creating your own sustainable lifestyle is achieved effortlessly with Jake & Maddie’s range of wooden utensils and bamboo straws, all conveniently housed in our cotton pouch.